May 2015

As part of her work as Producing Director of Firebone Theatre, Hope produced the world premiere of Don Nguyen's Red Flamboyant under the incredible direction of Laura Savia. This play tells the story of  Mrs. Hue who lives in present day Vietnam with a small group of women living with HIV/AIDS.  Bricks smash the windows of her small house. The locals fear they will be infected by the women.  Mrs Hue is forced to seek help from a stubborn government official to protect and support her group. Unlikely heroes emerge both in this world and the next as these poor women reach new heights of courage. Proceeds from this production went to help The Vietnam Relief Services and real Mrs. Hue's efforts to fight the stigma against HIV/AIDS in Vietnam right now. It was reviewed by The New York Times, New York Theater Now, New York Theatre Review, Go See a Show, Arts In Color, and more.